Scientific research is under threat and scientists are being dragged through the mud.

Scientific American just did a hit job on one of America’s leading biologists and conservationists. All that, right after his passing. This marks a shameful low point in a steep decline of the magazine in recent years.

Scientific American is the oldest magazine in the US dealing with science. Continuously…

A powerful explanation of why the world is burning.

On the eve of the end of World War Two, the most destructive conflict humanity has ever known, British philosopher Bertrand Russell reflected on the ultimate cause of problems in the world. His words ring true in any age:

“The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics…

The discovery of Homo floresiensis turned our mythology upside down.

“I should like to leave the Shire, if I could — though there have been times when I thought the inhabitants too stupid and dull for words, and have felt that an earthquake or an invasion of dragons might be good for them,” mused Frodo Baggins in J.R.R. …

Advice given to a bellboy in 1922 on how to be happy in life.

Were you to ask three random people on the street what happiness was for them, you would likely get four different answers. For this concept is elusive, changing based on the person, circumstances, or even time of day. It’s something people strive for, yet often can’t quite reach.

If told…

He is 189 years old and still has an active sex life

ItIt is 1832. In the United States, Andrew Jackson wins his re-election for a second consecutive term. Wildly popular, he defeats all his opponents in an electoral college landslide. For the first time ever, the different political parties choose their candidates in national conventions. Things in the US are starting…

An interesting, but ultimately sad history.

OnOn the 12th of April, 1980 a band of 17 men stormed Liberia’s presidential palace. Despite being only low-ranking soldiers in the army, they decided to take matters into their own hands. Finding the president sleeping in his bed, they killed him on the spot. …

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