Trump Seems To Have A Problem With Refrigerators

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I wish this were fake news

So Donald J. Trump, the 45th president of the United States, has a problem with refrigerators. Or at least it seems he does. At his latest campaign rally in Milwaukee, Trump showed how in touch he is with the problems of the common man: by railing against home appliances.

Apparently in the past, the dishwasher was much better. You would press a button, then an explosion would happen, and then magically your dishes were clean!

Luckily, those great times will be back, since Trump guarantees that he will make dishes great again.

While, Trump promises to fix dishwashers, showers, and light bulbs, you need to watch out for those shifty refrigerators. They are up to no good as usual.

According to Trump, refrigerators will be instrumental in future impeachments. In a bizarre rant, the current US president described how that will happen. The main props? An orange and a fridge.

Refrigerators are the new enemies of the people. Well, at least we finally know why Donald has that orange glow about him. It’s the energy-efficient light bulbs that are at fault.

Is this reality? At one point in his presidency, even Trump thought this was just a dream. Imagine that this man has his thumb on the ultimate button. On a positive note, if he presses it, it won’t be the light bulbs that will make him orange, but the glow will be more natural, emanating from the inside.

Tired yet? The fun is just about to start, and even if it doesn’t, then luckily, we have the greatest invention of all time available right under our fingertips. That means we can re-watch these moments again and again and again.

Welcome to the wide world of Trump!

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