Yup, this is my experience as well. Me and my friends are all highly successful in our careers, Master’s degrees, with no money problems, yet we all struggle to even get a date. Then there are the few friends that are in abusive relationships, and when I ask them why they don’t get out, their response is that while the woman will probably find another guy within the week, he will get stuck alone for years to come.

And the thing is that I am not talking about guys who are unemployed or unfit. I am talking about tall guys, with specialized university degrees, with good jobs and money, as well as guys who work out and are generally fit. I have a friend who found out that his girlfriend cheated on him, and he had a mental breakdown. It can get pretty serious.

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Peter is extremely curious and wants to know how everything works. He blogs at Renaissance Man Journal (http://gainweightjournal.com/).

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